My Family

nagaraj kote family

This is my small family.. to my left is my second son.. Yashwanth Kote, middle is my wife Mrs. Gayathri Kote .. and to my right is my first son Nishanth Kote…

Yashwant has completed his B.Com from Bangalore & starred as actor in “Ambara” with Loose Mada, 
and is now a wonderful actor in Tamil film industry, chennai. Yeshwant Kote is presently working as Associate with Arjun Sarja for his huge Tamil movie

the first son Nishant is more interested to become a film technician and is seriously into cinematography.. However of lately he has developed serious interest in Graphic Designing and has opened his own Graphic Design Studio in Bangalore.

my wife is more than happy to play the supporting role to all three of us.. and is the backbone of our family.

my father this is my Father…Mr. Kote Jawarappa

my mother this is my mother.. Mrs. Rangamma

kote father and mother